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Karna Chana (CSG 8962): Nurturing Resilience in Chickpea Farming


In the diverse landscape of chickpea varieties, CSG 8962, affectionately known as Karna Chana, emerges as a distinct and valuable cultivar, particularly tailored for the north-west plain zone. Let's embark on a journey to explore the unique qualities that make Karna Chana a standout choice for farmers and exporters alike.

Adapting to Challenging Environments:

Karna Chana earns its accolades for its remarkable adaptability to salt-affected regions. In agricultural landscapes where soil salinity poses a challenge, this chickpea variety shines as a resilient crop. Farmers facing environmental constraints find solace in cultivating Karna Chana, appreciating its ability to thrive in less-than-ideal conditions.

Impressive Yield Metrics:

A farmer's decision often hinges on the yield potential of a crop, and Karna Chana doesn't disappoint. With an average yield ranging between 22 to 25 quintals per hectare, this variety proves its mettle in the productivity department. The balanced and consistent yields make Karna Chana an attractive choice for those looking to optimize their agricultural output.

Chronicles of Introduction:

Officially introduced in 1997, CSG 8962 has steadily gained recognition for its unique characteristics. The nomenclature 'Karna Chana' reflects its regional focus and the agricultural landscape it caters to. Over the years, it has become a staple in the farming practices of the north-west plain zone.

Region-Specific Appeal:

Designed with the north-west plain zone in mind, Karna Chana is finely tuned to the specific climatic and soil conditions of the region. The variety's success is a testament to its compatibility with the agro-ecological nuances of the area. Farmers in this region often consider Karna Chana as a preferred choice due to its ability to thrive in their unique environment.

Global Access through Export:

As leading exporters of Karna Chana chickpeas from India, we take pride in facilitating global access to this unique variety. Our commitment is rooted in delivering produce that not only meets but exceeds global quality standards. By exporting Karna Chana, we aim to share the distinct qualities of this chickpea variety with consumers worldwide, fostering an appreciation for its unique attributes.


Karna Chana (CSG 8962) stands as a symbol of agricultural resilience and adaptability. As we continue to export this remarkable chickpea variety, our goal is to contribute to the global appreciation of India's agricultural diversity.