Yeshasvi Exporters Pvt Ltd


At the forefront of India’s agro-food exports, our company takes pride in holding the dual status of being both leading pioneers and emerging exporters. As one of the top leading exporters in India, we have curated an extensive catalogue showcasing a diverse array of high-quality commodities. Our range spans various types of basmati rice, grapes, and onions (including red and pink varieties), as well as ghee, eggs, wood-pressed oil, fruits, and an assortment of vegetables.

Our specialization lies in dominating the market for basmati rice, onions, and grapes, positioning us as significant players in the fruit and vegetable exports sector from India. Adhering rigorously to international standards, we distinguish ourselves as the optimal choice among India’s top-tier international exporters. Operating as a global export company headquartered in India, our unwavering commitment to excellence sets us apart.

Choose us for unparalleled quality and reliability among Indian exporters, as we consistently establish new benchmarks within the industry. Our dedication to delivering products that meet and exceed international expectations underscores our position as a trusted partner in global agro-food trade. We understand the importance of adhering to stringent quality measures, ensuring that each product in our diverse portfolio represents the richness and authenticity of Indian agriculture.

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of international trade, we remain committed to not only maintaining our status as a leading pioneer but also continuously evolving as emerging exporters. Join us on this journey, where excellence, reliability, and innovation converge to redefine the standards of India’s agro-food exports on the global stage.

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