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Indian onions are widely celebrated for their exceptional quality and distinctive flavor. These onions, known for their rich and vibrant hue, have earned a special place in both domestic and international kitchens. As we trusted onion exporter in India mark as emerging leaders in the international market. And also as trusted and leading onion exporter of India we have set high standard for quality and produce.

India has a long-standing tradition of onion cultivation, Grown in the fertile soils, they benefit from the country’s diverse climate and varied regions, resulting in a wide range of onion varieties. These versatile bulbs are used in a wide range of dishes. Whether enjoyed raw in salads or cooked as perfection in a curry, Indian onions are a staple ingredient that elevates the culinary experiences of people worldwide.

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Varieties of Indian onions

Red Onion

As one of the most emerging red onion exporters from India, our most standout product is the result of meticulous cultivation, utilizing premium seeds and employing modern processing techniques, adhering rigorously to international standards. With the expertise and dedicated professionals enable us to engage in export of fine quality onions in Red Mesh bags and Jute bags. Our product range includes small, medium, and large-sized onions, all renowned for their exceptional quality and unparalleled taste, Red Onion has firmly established itself as a leader in delivering quality and purity in taste within the onion sector.

Pink Onion

As India's premier pink onion exporting company, known for its unmatched quality and extensive variety of onions includes Pink/Garwa onion. These dry onions have a robust and sharp flavour. These onions are white on the inside and encased in layers of papery, yellow-brown skin. Their rich onion taste makes them an ideal choice for culinary creations. Like other onion varieties, pink/Garwa onions are a good source of essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They can be a healthy addition to your diet.

Product Details

Product / Variety Fresh Onion
Color Pink, Red
Size/Diameter in “mm” Min. 30mm+ to 70mm
Optimum Relative Humidity: 25% to 30%
Refer Container Optimum Temp: +1℃ to 4℃
County Of Origin & We Supply From: India
Packing Details :
Available Packing types: Mesh Bag, Jute Bag
Available Packing options in Kgs: 05 Kg to 50 kg
Certification: Phytosanitary, and As per Buyer req.
with additional charges
Shipping :
Mode of Shipment: Ocean
Specific Packaging Availability: Available - As Per Buyer Requirement
Loadibility information :
1 x 40 Feet Container
(Reefer or Open Dry):
28 Ton to 30 Ton (Metric Ton)
Product Availability :
MOQ: 29000 kg
Processing Time: 08 to 10 Working Days After Confirmation
Available Payment Terms: 50% Adv. TT & 50% TT Bal. against scan BL

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